Short history of Zahnfleisch

Studio on the bulbs was founded by Martijn Rutte, guitar player of the now languishing Dutch underground wave-rock formation Tunnelfist, and Louis Kossen, bass player of the same band. Studio on the bulbs is located in the village of bulbs and retards, Hillegom, on the Dutch seashore. Started as a rehearsal room, it now is a full-fledged recording studio. But Studio on the bulbs is more. It is also a musical collective, recording and putting out cd's, thereby propagating the do-it-yourself mentality. About 10 cd's have been recorded in various line-ups, starting with Tunnelfist and ending with Zahnfleisch. All recording sessions got one thing in common: Martijn Rutte and/or Louis Kossen take part in it as musician and/or recording engineer. A welter of guest musicians played along, among whom amazing and inimitable Tunnelfist frontman Jos Duijst and powerful lead singer of the famous gothic-wave group Life to us (link naar site) Rebecca van Vuure. The musical turmoil usually is hold together tightly by the steadfast drumming of Jeroen de Haan (Tunnelfist, Life to us, Paper Moon, Mischa (formerly Walkin' bus)). Apart from this, some other Dutch bands (Non Americans, Theo, Paper Moon) used the facilities of Studio on the bulbs to record their own cd's, which were put out by other record labels or by themselves. Many Zahnfleisch and Tunnelfist cd's got favourable and sometimes even outrageous reviews in Dutch and Flemisch musical magazines. If you read Dutch, please see for yourself. There are some rotten reviews too, of course, which are sometimes even more fun reading than

the nice ones. They're on the review page too. But most interesting is the FREE download MP3 section of this website. Go check it out and listen to some very old and recent material put out by Studio on the Bulbs. Yes, Kompromislos, the-song-with-Adolf-Hitler-sample-in-it, is there for downloading too. It earned Tunnelfist a lot of foul remarks, sour comment and misguided attention. Guys, we were only joking! Also try the Zahnfleisch mp3-section, offering really nice tunes. Zahnfleisch is the newest Studio on the bulbs project, a dutch singing band founded for the occasion by Martijn Rutte. Say Tunnelfist reborn as dutch-spoken pubrock band, that gets its inspiration from such diverging musical acts as Lou Reed, Giant Sand, Neil Young, Velvet Underground, The Wipers, Bruce Springsteen and famous Dutch en Flemish singer-songwriters Boudewijn de Groot, Bert de Coninck and Raymond van het Groenewoud. Zahnfleisch's last cd, Hollander in Amerika (Dutchman in America), got raving reviews (Alles op tien: '... the best of Dutch music put out in 2003')